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Educating and empowering women to care of their mental and physical health.

Revolutionizing Women's Healthcare through Advocacy and Innovation.

Mama Soul advocates for every woman's right to quality, inclusive healthcare. Our mission is to change the narrative on women's health access and ensure their voices lead the conversation. We're committed to innovation and action, breaking down barriers to healthcare access and quality for women everywhere.

Expanding Access to Plan C 

In our ongoing mission to ensure every woman has the autonomy to make informed decisions about her health, Mama Soul is proud to launch a fundraising campaign dedicated to expanding access to Plan C, the safe and effective abortion pill.This initiative is more than just about providing medical options; it’s about safeguarding a woman’s right to choose, ensuring privacy, and promoting health equity across communities

Access to Plan C represents a critical frontier in the fight for reproductive rights. It offers a safe, effective, and less invasive option for women, ensuring they have the autonomy to manage their reproductive health, especially where traditional healthcare systems may be inaccessible or restrictive.

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In support of our partner, Plan C – an organization transforming and normalizing direct access to abortion pills and safe self-managed options in the US – we have produced a limited-edition sweatshirt so that you, too, can champion women’s. reproductive rights. In collaboration with UPSTATE, these one-of-a-kind sweatshirts symbolize women’s right to choose and 50% of each sale will be donated directly to Plan C.

The journey toward revolutionizing women’s healthcare is a collective endeavor. Mama Soul invites you to join us in this critical mission. Whether through advocacy, volunteering, or spreading the word, your support amplifies our voice and extends our reach. Together, we can build a future where every woman has access to the healthcare she deserves—marked by inclusivity, respect, and empowerment.

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