Mama Soul brings a community of experts together to offer support for pre- and postnatal women’s mental and physical health through yoga and mediation videos, products, and other resources.

Navigate your Pregnancy
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Let Mama Soul be your guide to a healthy, comfortable,  pregnancy.

We have pre-and-post natal video yoga courses for every stage of your
pregnancy as your body changes and your baby grows.

Our certified yoga instructors have created video courses specifically for your ever changing pregnant body!

Choose your access length & take courses at home on your own time.

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Mama Soul’s First Trimester Bundle has everything you need to prepare your body for pregnancy and help you feel grounded. 

During your first trimester, your body is rapidly changing to make room for your expanding uterus.

Mama Soul’s Second Trimester Bundle will teach you how to be in your changing body as you grow with your baby.

Move through your second trimester with ease using Mama Soul’s comprehensive course catalog.

Mama Soul’s Third Trimester Bundle helps you take care of yourself! The more energy and balance you have, the more you have to take care of your baby.

Prepare your body for giving birth and establish this practice now before the baby arrives.

Your body just went through a heck of a lot and Mama Soul’s Postpartum Bundle promotes healing and strength as you get used to your new normal.

Focusing on self-care and mental health, these videos will help you embrace motherhood with ease.

You're not alone.

 A curated resource list of resources we trust and  support.

Origin:Care for a Female Future


If you break your pinky, you get physical therapy. But if you give birth, go through menopause, experience pelvic pain...well, “that’s just the way it is.” We believe every woman should have access to the care they need to feel good in their bodies.

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For Moms on a Mission


Easing the load for hardworking parents and getting breast milk where it needs to go. With Milk Stork, you can travel with confidence knowing your baby will continue to receive all of the proven benefits of breast milk. 


Virginia Reath, RPA, MPH, PC


Virginia has as been a practicing clinician, educator and activist in the fields of gynecology, sexual and reproductive health care for the past 30 years.

During her 30 years of practice, she has developed a specialty in integrative gynecological health where she addresses the specific needs of women, especially to the transitions of hormones and sexuality. 


Vetted, On-Demand, Expert Support

In-Person or Virtual


Say goodbye to searching, waiting and stressing. Say hello to boober.

New parenthood can be challenging but you don’t have to do it alone.
boober connects you to the right maternal care providers and top-rated pregnancy to postpartum classes.


Thrive in Early Postpartum with Bloome


Jane received her Bachelor's in psychology from UCLA. She moved on to receive a certification in addiction counseling, while simultaneously pursuing her master's degree.

While pregnant with her 3rd child, she decided to go back to school and pursue her doctorate.

After giving birth for the third time she was reminded of the lack of appropriate and client-centered support during the most crucial and life-altering times in a mother's life, from first giving birth through the first 6 months postpartum.



Virtual Postpartum Doulas for 24/7 Care and Connection


Doulas are trained, non-medical postpartum experts who are there to support you, educate you, cheer you on, and give you resources and recommendations.


Common questions and concerns include breast/chestfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, postpartum body care, and healing, baby care, and emotional ups and downs.


We can address all of that in video sessions and texting!



Shira Sussi, MS, RD, CDN


Shira works as an outpatient RD at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell and as a nutrition expert for Cleo where she provides Tele counseling to families supporting their nutritional needs from preconception through new parenthood. In her private practice, Shira Sussi Nutrition,


Shira provides in-home and virtual nutrition counseling for clients in pre/postnatal health and successfully helps families establish positive eating practices to foster healthier infants and children.


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We've Been Through It

Mama Soul offer’s support, guidance, and curated resources to soothe you, strengthen you.

We Are Mamas

Mamas who have been through the emotional wringer. So we created Mama Soul to offer support, guidance, and curated resources to soothe you, strengthen you, and be with you as you balance life with your ever changing body and emotions.

We bring the village to you.