Our Mission

Modern and soulful support for women’s emotional  and mental health
as it relates to their reproductive lives.
Mama Soul Brings the Village to you

We started this community after struggling to find the right postpartum support for our own mental and emotional health. This need has extended past those precious months after childbirth and we want to share the support, resources, and tools for healing that helped us then, and still helps us every day.

Mama Soul is an honest and safe place where women can access resources like yoga and meditation videos designed specifically for them, and find vetted support professionals for mental health and beyond.

Why join us? Because millions of women need a community of support in our more and more fragmented society. Maybe you are one of those women, but if not, chances are you love a few.

Love, Tara and Laura

Our Story

Laura is a mama to two boys, ages 5 and 3. Before leaving to raise her sons, she worked in the non-profit world as a Director of Operations. After her second baby she had perinatal mood and anxiety disorder and was desperate for rest and compassion. Thankfully, she found doctors who helped guide her recovery, and met Tara along the way. Laura believes in mothering as a community and started Mama Soul with Tara to help other mamas who needed the support she did. She currently resides with her family in Chicago.

Tara started late in life as a mother. She left her 20 year Costume Designer career due to a startling lack of support for her perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. Mama to four-year-old Laszlo, Tara did not have an easy transition into motherhood. She met Laura while in postpartum treatment and loved her from hello. Her struggle for the right support as a new mom led her to start Mama Soul with Laura. Tara was born and raised a Brooklynite, and is currently living in the Hudson Valley.

Support Professionals

It does take a village. Part of being a Mama Soul member is access to top professionals for support, encouragement, and plain old mama-camaraderie.


Our yoga, pilates, and meditation instructors come with years of experience, enjoy their pranayamas and yoga flows, relief tips, and more.

Melissa French

Melissa is a Taoist yoga teacher, mama of a spry toddler, and a spiritual healer. She has studied yoga, meditation, TCM, and alternative medicine since 1999. Her lessons are engaging, informative, and encouraging, affording students the ability of tapping into their personal power to transform themselves. Melissa had the pleasure to study with master yoga teachers Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin, and explores Taoist qigong under the Dantao Dragon Gate Lineage with Shamanic Qigong practitioner German Sanmateu.

Kathryn Leary

Kathryn D. Leary is a writer, adjunct professor and inspirational teacher of Bikram Yoga and other forms of Hatha Yoga, who lives and works in New York City. She has BAs in Communications and Administration from Antioch College, an MBA in Marketing from Stanford University, and a lifetime of cultivating spiritual wisdom and growth. Kathryn is a meditation teacher and recently became a celebrant, performing weddings and other celebrations of life.

Kacie Chang

Kacie Chang draws on her history as a modern dancer and her personal experience of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and beyond to inform her teaching. Her yoga and pilates classes focus on increased body awareness, alignment, strength and biomechanics. Kacie studied with Shelley Gilbert and Laura Staton. She received her yoga certification from BabyOm in 2004 and has taught at All Bodies Yoga Pilates, NYU’s Coles Gym, Artcetera, Urban Monster, Dancing Dialogue, Yoga Mandali and the Shala Yoga House.

Lauren Magarelli

Lauren is a registered 500 E-RYT. She opened her dream studio, BeBhakti Yoga Center. Lauren has been a student of yoga for over 20 years and has been certified since 2005. She has led over sixteen 200-hour teacher training all around the tri-state area, in addition to being part of the Laughing Lotus and BhaktiBarn teaching teams, supporting their 300-hour programs. Lauren has also led kirtans for many years and recently released her first album of mantras which can be purchased on BeBhakti website or through CDBaby and iTunes. Through a combination of asana (physical poses) and Lila (divine play), she seeks to extend the practice of yoga into everyday life, helping to remind us of that which we may have forgotten.

Kristin Jay

Kristin has a Ph. D in Psychology from UCLA, specifically in cognitive neuroscience. She has studied and taught about the mind-body relationships within this framework for more than 10 years. Kristin aims to create spaces in which students can develop a deeper presence and appreciation for all aspects of their personal experience. Learn more

Charlotte Blake

Charlotte is a Certified Pilates Instructor and the Founder of Charlotte Blake Pilates, a boutique Pilates studio in Greenwich Village, New York City. She has been working within the perinatal community for over ten years, providing one-on-one support, group programs, workshops, lectures, and distance learning for prenatal and postpartum. Charlotte empowers birthing bodies with tools that can be integrated during pregnancy and well beyond childbirth. Charlotte intends to disrupt the way in which women heal postpartum and is committed to spreading science-based, not fear-based, information + support that is tailored to each body. She takes the time to get to know each client and determine what will best serve their body, listening attentively even when others haven’t. As a mom herself, Charlotte brings a fresh perspective to Postnatal Pilates. It is her intention to help people better understand their body so that they can stand firm in their power and embrace the beauty in their life.

Social responsibility 

We know motherhood is a powerful journey and no one should feel alone in it. We are Mamas who have been through the anxiety and depression that can occur throughout this journey. With this in mind, we work with non-profits, shelters, and beyond to bring our soulful support, resources, yoga and meditation videos to women across the socio-economic spectrum.

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We are always looking to partner with brands that we love and, ultimately, our customers will love. We want every partnership to add the Mama Soul experience, so let us know what you think!

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"Melissa's postpartum flow was out-of-the box and uplifting. She is clearly an expert instructor as demonstrated through her use of props and a series that built from one pose to the next. "
Mama to a 9 month old
"This is so helpful and (as a pregnant lady) I’m so grateful for the work you do.”
Mom to twin toddlers and pregnant
"I love using Mama Soul CBD oil at the 5pm witching hour. I find it’s the perfect relaxing alternative to a glass of wine - I feel calmer, the edges feel smoother, there is no fuzziness and my sleep is restorative! I also really love the earthy, grassy taste."
Kristin (yoga studio manager)
Mother of 4: ages 7,14,17,24
"I love Kathryn, she's so zen!"
mama to a 6 week old.