Our purpose is to provide a place where women can ask questions and find answers in a safe, non-judgmental space; a place where women can access yoga and mediation guidance from their own home, when walking out the door is too much hard work; a place where they can interact with nutritionists, doulas, social workers and plain old mamas who know. Throw in a little curated shopping experience with recommended items to promote healthy living and some pampering, and you have Mama Soul.

So far we have launched three yoga series with stellar yoga instructors, and promoted a two week Anxiety Spring Cleaning series. Why join us? Because millions of women need a community of support in our more and more fragmented society. Maybe you are one of those women, but if not, chances are you love a few.

Love, Tara and Laura (aka Mama Soul)

Our Mission

Modern and soulful support for pregnant and postpartum women throughout all communities.


Laura is a mama to 2 boys in Brooklyn. She worked for a non-profit website for 8 years before leaving to raise her sons. After her second baby she had perinatal mood and anxiety disorder and was desperate for rest and compassion. Thankfully she found doctors who helped guide her recovery, and met Tara along the way. Starting a project with fellow mamas has been so uplifting. Laura believes in mothering as a community and is looking forward to connecting with mamas all over the world.


Tara started late in life as a mother. She left her 20 year Costume Designer career due to a startling lack of support for her perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. She practiced yoga with Melissa before pregnancy, and reconnected when she sought out some fellow mama solace at Melissa’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Tara met Laura while in treatment and loved her from hello. Tara currently lives in Brooklyn where she is raising a third generation Brooklyn boy.

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Mama Soul…
dedicated to Liz and all the mamas lost during childbirth.