Say Goodbye to an Uncomfortable Pregnancy with Mama Soul

Want your pregnancy
to be HEALTHY and FUN?

Mama Soul is proud to offer our bundled series of courses tailored to relieve the challenges of each stage of pregnancy, body, mind, and SOUL!


🙌 Skip the bloating, the lack of mobility, the swelling, with Mama Soul’s Prenatal and Postpartum Course Bundles!

Choose your access length & take courses
at home on your own time.

Mama Soul’s First Trimester Bundle has everything you need to prepare your body for pregnancy and help you feel grounded. 

During your first trimester, your body is rapidly changing to make room for your expanding uterus.

Mama Soul’s Second Trimester Bundle will teach you how to be in your changing body as you grow with your baby.

Move through your second trimester with ease using Mama Soul’s comprehensive course catalog.

Mama Soul’s Third Trimester Bundle helps you take care of yourself! The more energy and balance you have, the more you have to take care of your baby.

Prepare your body for giving birth and establish this practice now before the baby arrives.

Your body just went through a heck of a lot and Mama Soul’s Postpartum Bundle promotes healing and strength as you get used to your new normal.

Focusing on self-care and mental health, these videos will help you embrace motherhood with ease.

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