With Love, Mama Soul

With Love, Mama Soul

We started this community after our struggles finding the right postpartum support we needed, desired.

When we did find the support, we wanted to share this understanding that like minded women can support, teach and heal other women by sharing experiences and being there to tell each other it will be okay.

It has been over a year since we first sat down to work on this project (a blooper reel is definitely in our future).

We are grateful to you who have subscribed and look forward to building this community.

Please follow @thismamasoul on instagram and facebook as we launch our yoga membership, with 50% of proceeds going to the In Your Shoes fundraiser supporting mothers and babies who suffer malnutrition.

  • Check out "the list"....

  • I never planned on being single dad...I never asked to be a single dad. I was thrown into it suddenly on July 30......

  • “It takes what it takes,” they like to say in the rooms of recovery, a place I never thought I would find myself about half way through my first trimester....