Why Does a Strong Pelvic Floor Matter? Sign up for our Workshop

More than likely, you’ve heard of Kegels (and we know you just started doing them). However, how many really know the important role the pelvic floor plays in women’s everyday life? From core strength to sex, from correct posture to giving birth. Your pelvic floor supports your lifestyle, and it’s worth supporting it back.

Enter Mama Soul

We’ve pulled together a group of knowledgeable and inspiring women to help you restore and strengthen your pelvic floor, through a live, free workshop on Feb 25th, including giveaway prizes.

Lauren Magarelli, Mama Soul instructor and owner of beBhakti Yoga Center, will give live instruction on pelvic floor rehab and rejuvenation. Lauren is a registered 500 E-RYT and has been a certified yoga instructor for 16 years. Between proper breathing, spine position and variance of pelvic structure, this workshop will teach you about proper alignment, the importance of Kegels, and tips for inner and outer core strength. 

Participants of the workshop will receive a free one month membership to JETSWEAT (new members only), and will also be entered into a random drawing to select 3 winners of these great prizes:

  • An Elvie Trainer: “An award-winning Kegel trainer for a stronger pelvic floor,” providing “[b]etter bladder control, faster postnatal recovery and enhanced intimacy.” Elvie is a company that is working to improve women’s lives through smarter (and we think prettier) technology.
  • Sakara’s Metabolism Super Powder: “This Sakara Life best-seller fires up your metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar, eliminates bloat and decreases puffiness.”
  • An additional free 3-month membership to JETSWEAT Fitness, an online fitness streaming platform for top boutique studio classes (new members only.)
  • 10% off a personal virtual class with yoga expert and owner of beBhakti Yoga Center, Lauren Magarelli


How to sign up? 

Step 1: Click here (or below) to go to Mama Soul’s exclusive JETSWEAT page.

Step 2: Click “Exclusive Free Trial”.

Step 3: Enter your details to create an account. Select a monthly membership, and don’t forget to use your code MAMASOUL. Now you’re all set for your one month free trial of JETSWEAT.

Step 4: To take part in the Mama Soul Pelvic Floor Workshop, use your computer to login to your JETSWEAT account on Thursday Feb. 25th at 4pm ET and select “Live” classes. From there you will be able to join our workshop.

We’ll see you for an hour of pelvic floor anatomy, positioning, and some fun giveaways. We all have different bodies and can’t wait to offer tips and tricks for pelvic floor stability.