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The Melissa Series Breathing

Behind you is the past in front of you is your future. Your potential. Let the Effort and Grace of your breath balance you.

The Point of The Ocean Breath (Ujjayi Breath) is to hear the breath through the ears. When you hear the breath it soothes your nervous system.

Close your eyes and relax as you train yourself how to properly breathe.

When you organize your breath you can feel the effects slowing down.

The Charlotte Series PostPartum Pilates

What is the most important thing you should do to heal your body postpartum? Breathing.

Postnatal pilates back mobility and chest opening pose. Props needed: 1 block, or alternatively use a blanket or books.

The Lauren Series

A grounding practice, allowing you to feel safe in your body. Slow deep exhales calm the nervous system and allow you to connect to the earth.

Enjoy this open level flow with a lot of transitions to stay present.

The Melissa Series Relief Tips

Being pregnant can lead to a little bit of anxiety for the unknown. A great pose to soothe anxiety is a backbend, getting even more breath into our lungs.

If you’re experiencing swollen legs, a wonderful way to drain the water in the lower body is to bring your legs up the wall.

A nice way to combat nausea is to relax the body in deep breathing. With nausea, we want to get more oxygen into our body moving nice and slowly.

If you’re experiencing heartburn, go ahead and take yourself to a wall. This starts to become a very, very relaxing pose that soothes heartburn. Find your
breath and close your eyes.

If you’re experiencing back pain, one of the greatest poses to bring relief is a supported child’s pose. This is such a lovely pose to relax the nervous
system and any anxiety, too.

A great yoga pose for helping with any digestion or constipation is a supine twist

The Kacie Series

Engage your core with this Postpartum Chair Pose.

Open your heart and lungs while your stretch your waist

Engage and stabilize the pelvic floor with this mountain pose.

Shoulders hurting from carrying the baby weight? Or carrying a baby?

The Kathryn Series

Stuck in bed with a c-section? Kathryn will lead you through this beautiful Chakra meditation.

This Hatha flow will help all systems of the body; digestive, immune, circulatory, and respiratory.

The Melissa Series

First Trimester Flow 

Second Trimester Flow 

Third Trimester flow 

Postpartum Flow 

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