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So you’ve got a baby and you need to travel. Panic sets in.  These little baby divas seem to need so much stuff to travel with. There is always that “just in case” bag of stuff which turns into two along with the “well I definitely need this”, which morphs into the never-used-it bag.  We’re here to tell you, we got you…and traveling with Diva baby does not have to be stressful.  Here are a few tips we’ve gotten along the way that we hope will help you on your way.

Boarding Your Flight

Many flights allow you to board first, but we suggest you board last so all you have to do it walk on with your baby, sit, buckle up, and wheels up. If you are traveling with someone, have them take all the carry-on items on board the plane first and get everything stored and organized. If you are alone with baby, check as much baggage as possible, so that you only have your diaper bag and one personal item so boarding is easy.

Sleep, baby, sleep

For overnight flights, pack all your usual bedtime routine items in your carry-on. Before boarding the plane, have your baby change into his/her pjs and brush teeth as normal. Once on the plane, you can read a bedtime story and sing any lullabies.

Mile High Diaper Changes

Avoid taking a large diaper bag and a screaming baby to the tiny plane bathrooms by using this handy packing trick.

What you’ll need for packing:

  • 1 box gallon ziplock freezer bags
  • 1 box puppy training pads
  • 1 pack wipes
  • 1 pack diapers
  • 2 changes of clothes (minimum…)

To Assemble:

Place inside of one Ziplock bag, 1 folded puppy training mat, 1 diaper, some wipes, then seal bag. Make 3-4 to just grab out of the diaper bag when you need to change baby. Everything can be thrown out after the change. For heavier diapers, include another ziplock inside the bag and a change of clothes. You can either toss the clothes (have definitely done this for REALLY messy diapers) or seal up in the extra Ziplock.

You’re welcome.


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