We’ve been there. Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Disorder can strike while you’re pregnant, months after having the baby, and even if you’ve adopted your child. We want to offer support and resources. You’re not alone.

We cannot guarantee an immediate response from any of the contacts below. In an emergency, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: (800) 273-8255.

Enter your zip code to find information about local support groups, or contact a Support Coordinator to help you find more specialized care, including perinatal psych treatment centers in the US. Access weekly call-ins with other parents and a professional to facilitate.
Support Helpline: (800) 944-4773

This website is informative about Postpartum Depression, with FAQs and a questionnaire. The hospital has two locations in Providence, RI for mothers to receive support, including a Day Hospital/Outpatient Clinic.
Phone: (401) 453-7955

This center offers supportive services for new and expecting mamas. Access counseling and consultation, classes and support groups, as well as a Day Program with a staffed nursery on site.
Phone: (212) 335-0034

Social Workers & Professionals

PostPartum Support International

Informative website with Support Coordinators who can help to locate a therapist.
Support Helpline: (800) 944-4773

Social Workers & Professionals

The Postpartum Stress Center

This website has a list of therapists, divided by state, who have completed a 10 hour training course around PPD issues.

Social Workers & Professionals

Find a Psychologist

You can search this website by zip code to find a local psychologist.

Social Workers & Professionals

Psychology Today

You can search this website by zip code, city, or name for a therapist, and filter your results by issue, insurance and more.

Support Groups

We’re here for you. You can join our private Facebook Group and connect with women in a similar place, as well as post any questions for our support team.

If you need some in-person support, be sure to check out your local play spaces for support groups, as well as your local La Leche League Group.

Mama Soul…
dedicated to Liz and all the mamas lost during childbirth.