Stuff we love – Scents

Stuff we love – Scents

Self-care can be hard. How do we force ourselves to take care of ourselves when there are so many other people and other things to take care of. It is essential though. We all know we feel better when we treat ourselves right.

But you can take care of yourself in really small ways. Here are a few things that Tara and Laura use to inspire a little calm and connection in their lives.

Tara’s New Work Inspiration

Love Spray

Laura actually fell in love with this one night while we escaped the house for an early work dinner. When I would go to her house she would take a minute to spray herself she would smile and say “ok, lets work”. I decided to buy it and it was such a lovely feeling to spray this everywhere! And I mean everywhere. We used on sheets, pillowcases, face, hair, body and even our babies. Natural body, room and linen spray from Sacred Vibes. HealingRose & Sandalwood waters with neroli, sweet orange & rose essential oils.

Tara’s Olfactory Savior

 Valentine Oil Fragrance

I discovered this oil before I was pregnant and fell in love with it, but it wasn’t until my first trimester when nausea kicked in during the hottest months of summer in New York City, that this became my lifesaver. The smells in New York City take on a life of their own in the summer and this little travel oil made my daily travels easier. Every time I got a wave of nausea I would rub around my ear and throat and feel dreamy. Sandalwood, tuberose, hibiscus and other secret essential oils.

Laura’s Favorite Bedtime Ritual

Moon Mist by Fig and Yarrow

I spray this over my hair, face and body and take really deep breaths. The combination of the sweet smelling oils, the refreshing mist, and the deep breathing make me feel like I’m being totally pampered before crawling into bed for the night.

Tara’s Space Cleanser

Atmosphere Mist by Fig+Yarrow

This mist has the most refreshing, calming and uplifting affect. I use it liberally on my furniture and linens, and it makes me feel like I’m living luxuriously, even if I’m surrounded by cheerios and day-old milk cups. JUNIPER+SAGE – a fresh, woody, balsamic blend for mood calming, air purification and energetic clearing of spaces.

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