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Brief Description:

“In these eight … explorations on beauty, media, money, and more, Tressie McMillan Cottom–award-winning professor and … author of Lower Ed–embraces her … role as a purveyor of wit, wisdom, and Black Twitter snark about all that is right and much that is wrong with this thing we call society”

Brief Description:

“ Thick is sure to become a classic of black intellectualism, one that ought to be read not only in African-American and gender studies departments across the country, although its lens is irrefutably and irresistibly black and feminist. It should be required reading for anyone interested in making ‘trust black women’ more than a hollow social media mantra.”
– The New York Times Book Review

Review Quotes:

“Cottom’s intersectionality is merely the work of a writer seeing the world clearly and deeply, and connecting the dots in fresh and revealing ways.”
– Chicago Tribune

“Incisive, witty, and provocative essays. . . . The collection showcases McMillan Cottom’s wisdom and originality and amply fulfills her aim of telling powerful stories that become a problem for power.”
– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The meshing of the personal and political and the author’s take-no-prisoners attitude make these essays sizzle. A provocative volume bound to stir argument and discussion.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“This book is essential for anyone who wants to think deeply about race, feminism, and culture.”
– BookRiot

“To say this collection is transgressive, provocative, and brilliant is simply to tell you the truth. Thick is a necessary work and a reminder that Tressie McMillan Cottom is one of the finest public intellectuals writing today.”
– Roxane Gay, author of Hunger and Bad Feminist

“ Thick is gorgeous, incisive, and hard. Tressie McMillan Cottom is among America’s most bracing thinkers on race, gender, and capitalism of our time and she is at her very best here. These essays enlighten and complicate and push conversations further. They are blisteringly smart and beautifully written. They are also, simply, a pleasure to read.”
– Rebecca Traister, author of Good and Mad and All the Single Ladies

“Black women are uniquely attuned to the hydra that bell hooks names the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Publics should trust black women. Thick proves why readers should trust Tressie McMillan Cottom’s black-people-loving writing that is as deft as it is amusing. Her words are a sword. She comes out swinging her blade at the hydra’s head with unmatched courage.”
– Darnell L. Moore, author of No Ashes in the Fire

“These essays show us the potency of actually existing black feminist analysis and expose the deep structures of racism and inequality that shape most black women’s lives. With biting humor and razor-sharp political clarity, Thick is a crucial contribution to contemporary black thought.”
– Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, author of From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation

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Contributor Bio:

Cottom, Tressie McMillan
Tressie McMillan Cottom is an assistant professor of sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University and the author of Lower Ed (The New Press). Her work has been featured by the Washington Post, NPR’s Fresh Air, The Daily Show, the New York Times, Slate, and The Atlantic, among others.

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