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Membership includes:

The Melissa Series
Melissa will lead you through
trimester specific flows from the 1st trimester until you have the baby and after, These flow videos based on the Katonah Yoga Practice® will teach you how to be in your body while pregnant and afterwards by using mind, body and breath. Each video runs between 35 and 20 minutes.
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The Kathryn Series
Kathryn will lead you through a Hatha Flow series which can be practiced safely throughout your entire pregnancy. From standing deep breathing, a wide legged standing stretching pose to simple floor series.The Kathryn Series will come with a detailed benefits and precautionary measures in a personalized email. Each video runs approximately 26 minutes

The Kacie Series
A prenatal/postpartum sequence for the busy mom with 3 mins to spare. Stuck in bed after a c-section? We got you covered with easy yoga you can do right in bed.

Unlimited access to all meditative breathing videos update weekly

Unlimited access to all relief tip videos

All videos available 24 hours a day with wifi

Access to MamaSoul to provide you with specific yoga series and individual support through email.

Communication with one of the founders we can lead you in the right direction of specific yoga videos, breathing exercises and support if needed by finding proper LCSW in your area.

Membership in a supportive community of women with a private Facebook Group monitored by LCSW.

Easy monthly auto-renew, cancel anytime.