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Body Full of Stars: Female Rage and My Passage Into Motherhood



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What if labor does not end with pregnancy but continues into a mother’s postpartum life? How can the fiercest love for your child and the deepest wells of grief coexist in the same moment? How has society neglected honest conversation around the significant physical changes new mothers experience? Could real healing occur if generations of women were fluent in the language of their bodies?Molly Caro May grapples with these questions as she undergoes several unexpected health issues–pelvic-floor dysfunction, incontinence, hormonal imbalance–after the birth of her first child, Eula. While she and her husband navigate the ups and downs of new parenthood, May moves between shock, sadness, and anger over her body’s betrayal. She finally identifies the root of her struggle as premenstrual dysphoric disorder and so begins her exploration of what she calls female rage. The process leads May to an overdue conversation with her body in an attempt to balance the physical changes she experiences with the emotional landscape opening up before her.Body Full of Stars is dark and tender, honest and corporeal. It reveals deeper truths about how disconnected many modern women are from their bodies. Most of all, it is a celebration of the greatest story of all time: mothers and daughters, partners and co-parents, and the feminine power surging beneath it all.


Review Quotes:

“In this honest memoir, May recounts how she came to feel connected with her body again. It’s a moving work for new moms about a subject that is often overlooked in conversations about postpartum depression.” – Real Simple, 1 of The Best Books of 2018 (So Far)

“May’s purpose in this book is to raise awareness about some of the unspoken issues associated with pregnancy and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and to connect with a community of women who may come to realize that they are not alone.” –Ilana Lucas, Brit + Co, Our Favorite Feminist Nonfiction of the Year

“In this raw and lyrical book, the author holds nothing back. From the blinding rages to the blackest emotional abysses, she records all with an eloquence that is both powerful and restorative . . . A searingly eloquent memoir.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Her brutally honest account is both deeply personal and comfortingly universal. She doesn’t shy away from the pain–emotional, physical, cultural, generational–of what she calls her ‘passage into motherhood’ . . . Her best, clearest, most lyrical writing practically dances off the page when she’s describing her love for her daughter.” –PureWow

“Oh, you thought motherhood was all sweetness and light? Then this book is here, finally, to set you straight . . . I have never read anything so honest about the transition into motherhood before, and after crossing that threshold so recently myself, I am immensely grateful to May for putting it down on paper for all the world to see. The way we tell our stories matters, and May points out that who we tell them to often dictates the how . . . Everyone who reads this book will also benefit from a generous, accurate, and hopeful story that ends not with a happily ever after but with honesty, dignity, and strength in the face of life’s ongoing challenges, whether we are mothering our children, or just ourselves.” – The Rumpus

“May’s writing is intensely, beautifully visceral and she brings a new perspective to the postpartum period.” –BookRiot”If there was ever a person who could express through her tender use of language, the pain, upset and rage that so many new mothers feel in the dark, it’s Molly Caro-May.” –Mama Glow


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Contributor Bio:  May, Molly Caro
MOLLY CARO MAY is the author of The Map of Enough. She is the cofounder of the Thunderhead Writers’ Collective and received a writing fellowship at the Taft Nicholson Environmental Humanities Center. She lives in Montana with her husband, two young daughters, and a Great Dane mutt.















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