We've been there.

Depression. Anxiety. Hopelessness. These can strike if you’re having issues conceiving, if you’re pregnant, if you have a newborn or a toddler, or if you’ve adopted your child. We’re here to offer support and resources to help no matter what your journey has thrown at you.

You are definitely not alone.

Yoga & Meditation

A calming look inward, yoga and meditation has helped us refocus our minds and bodies to help alleviate some of that “Mama stress”. Become a member to access these videos as often as you like addition to our community forum and sought after professionals.

Our Professionals

As a Mama Soul member, we offer access to top professionals for support, encouragement, and plain old mama-camaraderie.
Additional Support Information
We cannot guarantee an immediate response from any of the contacts below. In an emergency, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.
1-(800) 273-8255

Major Care™ connects new parents with virtual certified postpartum doulas to provide affordable and accessible remote care. Wherever you live, whenever you need it, we are there.

Bloome is a non-traditional approach to create individualized support for moms through this incredible, emotional, and life-changing transition.
This center offers supportive services for new and expecting mamas. Access counseling and consultation, classes and support groups, as well as a Day Program with a staffed nursery on site.
This website offers a list of therapists, by state, who have completed a 10 hour specialized training course around PPD issues.

Woman’s and Infants offers a variety of health education programs aimed at keeping you and your family healthy. For more information about our programs, call the Health Education Department at (401) 276-7800 or view and register for one or the Warm Line at 1-800-711-7011.

Enter your zip code to find information about local support groups, or contact a Support Coordinator to help you find more specialized care, including perinatal psych treatment centers in the US. Support Helpline: (800) 944-4773.

Search thousands of licensed psychologists verified by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, an independent nonprofit organization.

Informational Magazine whose website also offers a therapist search by zip code, state, name, practice, or even insurance.

International non-profit dedicated to helping mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education.