Mother’s Day Support


Date May 16, 2pm EST

Duration 1 hour conference call


Dr. Jane Shomof, LMFT, PsyD, Founder, and CEO Bloome. As a mother of 3 and a clinician, Dr. Jane knows firsthand how challenging navigating pregnancy and motherhood can be. She is so grateful to be able to provide support and services to mothers transitioning into postpartum by making sure they’re prepared, not just for the birth, but more importantly, what happens after you come home! Dr Jane has been featured in several podcasts, in magazines and in collaboration with other perinatal brands to help bring awareness and education to mamas during this incredibly vulnerable time.

Misha Vayner, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder of the mindful, online brand, Your Well Guide.  Through this platform, she helps busy mothers enjoy the fullness of their lives by incorporating realistic and supportive wellness strategies that feel good. From nourishment, mindfulness, movement, self-care & inspiration, Your Well Guide’s mission is to help women feel their best without the stress. By always creating with purpose, she stands for radical self-love, flow-based living and empowering women to invest in their well being.

Event Description

Dr. Jane believes that the best type of support comes from connection. With a no holds barred approach and a knack for telling it like it is, no motherhood topic will be off-limits. In this group, she will facilitate real talk and conversation between the participants, while simultaneously providing feedback and answering questions regarding postpartum planning, struggles, support, and psychoeducation. Participants will leave the group feeling more empowered, confident, and armed with the resources they need to tackle motherhood on their terms.

Misha’s approach prioritizes 3 foundational areas of wellness – mindfulness, self-love & self-care.  In this workshop, Misha will share some of the main ways overwhelmed mothers struggle with these areas, and her proven, supportive and realistic tips to incorporate these cornerstone’s of health into their lifestyles, resulting in enhanced health through her flow-based, feel-good approach. She says, “You can only kale your way through so much”. Working from the inside out allows the supportive, nourishing, foundational work to result in lower stress, better sleep, diet, movement, mood, weight loss, and more. If it doesn’t feel good, it’s a waste of your time.

Tara & Laura from Mama Soul are eager to share their stories and experiences, and make sure no mama feels alone. Mama Soul’s purpose is to provide a place where women can ask questions and find answers in a safe, non-judgmental space; a place where women can access yoga and mediation guidance from their own home, when walking out the door is too much hard work; a place where they can interact with nutritionists, doulas, social workers and plain old mamas who know.

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