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Let Mama Soul be there with you for your entire journey. This bundle includes all of our top quality videos from your first trimester through postpartum. 

With a focus on self-care and mental health, these videos will help you embrace motherhood with ease.

Enjoy all Mama Soul’s prenatal and postpartum video courses for an entire year!

Let us be your guide and companion to your entire pregnancy journey!

Access All Classes for a Full Year!


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Mama Soul’s All Access Bundle holds our entire library of safe flows and relief tips for the specific conditions that affect the body through your whole pregnancy and recovery.

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Relief Tips

From constipation, to indigestion, to back pain, to anxiety, Mama Soul has the moves to bring you relief.



Focus your mind and calm your anxieties with a guided breathing practice to ground you every step of the way.


Stretch and Flow

Our specialty designed flow practices help you focus your mind and keep your energy.


Focus on self-care and mental health throughout your pregnancy

With Mama Soul’s expert Yoga courses, specifically designed for pre and post natal women, you can calm your mind and work to enjoy your pregnancy journey.


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