Why is the New Year always telling us we’re not good enough? I get the sentiment of New Year’s Resolutions – self-improvement, there is always room to do better, yadda yadda. But what happens when the universe throws a year at you like 2020? You already feel like you aren’t enough and then this seemingly-never-ending tornado happens and throws you into an even deeper insecurity. Well you know what? We’re women and we’re fucking resilient. 

We polled some of our closest friends and family (and beyond) to pull together some New Year’s Resolutions that we can totally get behind. If you want to resolve to run a marathon… hell yes, Mama! I’d like to resolve to just take a shower at least every other day. Wherever you are on this scale, know we are here for you and want to support you in this journey called life. Send us a note about your resolution and we may even feature you on our blog this year. You know how we love personal stories! It’s truly the only way we’ve been able to relate and to learn and grow as women and super humans (Moms).

Resolutions We Love:

“I want to make it a point to not call other women crazy. They are not crazy. We’re all just trying to get through it.”

“I’m going to be ok with not being ok.”

“I need to create a better work-from-home schedule.”

“My kids love to dance. We’ve decided to begin every morning with a dance in the kitchen.”

“I’ve never really done therapy before, but I think I’m ready.”

“I don’t do resolutions.”

“My gift to myself this holiday was a special leather-bound journal that I’m going to write my daily, weekly, and monthly to-dos in. Better than the sticky notes I find in the bottom of my purse or on the bathroom floor.”

“I’m setting a weekly timer to sanitize my phone.”

“I want to do yoga to feel better, not to lose weight.”

“I bought a special sticky pad to leave compliments to myself around the house. I need to remind myself I’m worthy.”


“I want to read more books, to learn about people’s stories and to get lost in them.”

“I’m going to breathe more.”

“I promise I will brush my hair in 2021.”

“I want to become a plant owner, and fill my house with greenery.”

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