It is Through Kindness That We Are Mama Soul 

by Mama Soul

In honor of #WorldKindnessDay, we wanted to share our story.

We had both just given birth and took the important step to be kind to ourselves and search out the help we needed. Kindness was the impetus and kindness continues to be the reason we work so hard at building this village.

We met at a day clinic for women diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety. Every day, we went for group therapy, individual therapy, meditation, yoga, art therapy, the works. We asked questions, we felt safe, we never felt judged. We felt lucky that we had access to this amazing healing center.

As we continued to work on ourselves, we could not be more grateful to those who afforded us the time, knowledge, and support to do so. Through the kindness of our family, friends and oftentimes complete strangers, out of this entire experience, Mama Soul was born.


Our purpose is to provide an online platform where women can get support.

We offer resources for them to find the guidance and the relief they are seeking at this point in their lives.

Yoga and meditation works on the soul.
Our professionals help with the mind.
Our community deals with the heart.

Throw in a little curated shopping experience with recommended items to promote healthy living and pampering, and you have Mama Soul. We strive to be the online version of the support that we received when we needed it most.

Passion and Connections helped us build the website, film our yoga videos, and connect with our amazing professionals. Then there was learning about the other parts of a business that were completely foreign. Basic website coding, accounting for sales tax  were all super challenging as we held our babies in our arms.

We had big dreams and continue to do so. We’ve already hit one goal this year of improving our website, and we want to continue to make that experience as beautiful, seamless, and amazing as possible. Other goals as we look towards 2021 (with all of the hope in the world after what this year has thrown at us) are to continue to build our community, our support system, and our resources, and find those women who need it most.

It is with kindness and love that we do what we do. We thank those who have supported us along our journey. We reach out to you to be kind to yourself, and join us in your journey.