Foods for the 4th Trimester

Foods for the 4th Trimester

Keeping ourselves nourished may be one of the most difficult things to balance with a new baby. But fueling our body with high quality foods doesn’t have to mean gourmet home-cooked meals. Here are some of our tips for a healthy, postpartum recovery:

  • Proteins like hummus, Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs and low fat cheese make for healthy, easy snacks.

  • Good fats, including avocado and nut butters, are wholesome spreads paired with complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread or crackers.

  • Stocking the fridge and pantry with the above plus instant steel-cut oats, nuts and dried fruits, tinned salmon and sardines, fresh fruits and pre-cut vegetables will help you master the skill of nutritious, no prep cooking.

  • Home-cooked meals should be on request from loved ones when they ask how they can help. Even better, set up a meal train so friends and family can sign up on an online calendar and choose a day to bring you a meal.

  • Staying hydrated, especially if breastfeeding, also plays a role in a healthy postpartum recovery. It’s recommended to drink between 2-3 liters of fluid daily, and choose water as your main beverage.

  • Micronutrient deficiencies may need to be corrected with more than just food alone. While continuing to take your prenatal vitamin after birth can fill gaps in your diet, check in with your healthcare provider to make sure your nutrient levels are adequate to support your baby, and your emotional health and wellbeing.