Day One


For two weeks you will receive one email a day from Mama Soul designed to explore anxiety, and the body and mind reactions to stressors. Our personal experiences have tailored the information we will share. We will also be doing the daily exercises with you – we are not meditation pros living off green tea and green smoothies (all great things!). We are two mamas running after our kids and mostly fueled by caffeine. The struggle is real.

Our first video is our resident yogi, Melissa French, talking about the effects of depression and anxiety on the body. We will soon be launching her yoga series on our site, where she shares her wisdom and guidance, and truly feeds both the body and the mind. Below the video you can read a little more about the mamas behind Mama Soul, and what motivated us to create this website.

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Laura’s Story

I’ve always thought I was a strange combination of confident and shy. Recently I learned that Social Anxiety pretty clearly defines how I react to certain situations. Understanding this and learning more about myself has been so freeing (hiding in the bathroom at parties doesn’t really make me a weirdo!) and enables me to work on my behaviors (not the bathroom hiding – those minutes alone are too precious!)

My anxiety spiraled after my second baby was born. I was lucky to find some great help, and to meet Tara along the way. But the amount of information out there was overwhelming at times. For me, I’m passionate about creating Mama Soul as a one-stop-shop for people who need support. The website has great support resource information, personal stories, and will shortly have yoga and breathing exercises and relaxing products for sale. And the next steps are to create a community where we can have a mentorship program, and have professional therapists on hand to help those who need to talk immediately. Our long-term goal is to find the best way to get this information and help out to women who don’t typically have the resources for yoga, or “luxury” items.

And in order to accomplish this vision for Mama Soul, I definitely need to spend the next two weeks doing the Anxiety Spring Clean! Deep breaths. We got this.

Tara’s Story

This site was created with the necessity of helping woman. All women. The other day I had to remind myself why we need this.

I was surprised that my midwife didn’t need to see me until almost my second trimester. As I waited I googled. And googled and googled. I became so anxious I just told every single person I could I was pregnant because the fear of miscarriage seemed inevitable. I wanted to be able to have the experience of actually saying “I’m Pregnant!!”

I felt sick to my stomach. I tossed the sandwich and bought a 15 dollar granola bar. It was Sunday. I had to wait an entire day before I could call my midwife and tell her what I had done. When I finally got ahold of her I was so panicked. “Barbara, oh my god I ate a ham sandwich.” “So” was her response. “What about listeria?” I could hear her taking a deep breath. “The last outbreak of listeria was in celery” she said. I took another deep breath and decided I was gonna drive myself crazy if I googled my entire pregnancy.

We started Mama Soul as a place for woman to go for support, yoga, stories, tips, and just plain old comfort. We live in the digital age of figuring it out ourselves now, and that’s not always the best thing for our sanity. We can always find something that tells us we are doing it wrong. Mama Soul is a place of honestly and no judgement. An island of understanding in the online world.

A huge turning point for me and my downward spiral of anxiety and google came on a vacation I took to visit my friend Wendy in Northern California. We swam with seals, and sea lions in Monterey. I slept on a couch with Luna the dog on top of my belly. I had my first glass of Pinot Noir since making it through my first trimester. But then I ate a ham and cheese sandwich from the Big Sur bakery. It was the most buttery, warm gooey sandwich. I was in heaven. Until I remembered that a pregnant woman shouldn’t eat deli meat.

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