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Today was another lesson for me on how to cope with anxiety. This email is being sent in the evening as opposed to the early afternoon because, well, life. There were preschool drop-offs, cranky kids, rain, insufficient snacks (for the kids AND me). I was getting really worried about sending out the email for today’s anxiety spring cleaning. “People are actually reading our emails. This is like a proper job now. I NEVER miss a homework or job deadline.” The familiar tight stomach and blurred vision hit me. And then I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths (like I tell my kids to do when they are pre-tantrum) and told myself, “I will do it before midnight and that is enough.” We have to give ourselves breaks. Commitments are commitments, but our sanity is worth more than a timely sent email.

Love, Laura

Calm Clinic

This is a great article that looks at reasons behind anxiety, and some ways to cope with it. They also include an anxiety test, which is really useful; it provides a breakdown of your own anxiety quirks.


5 Ways to Help Your Anxiety

This is a blog post by Therese J. Borchard, an associate editor of Psych Central and founder of Project Hope & Beyond. She gives some great tips, my personal favorite is to pick a sound or object to be your Xanax. Something you look to or listen to when you need to calm down. Hello, in-your-face-real-time-reminder to chill the F out.


Does Breathing Calm?

In this anxiety spring cleaning series you will see a lot of focus on breathing as a way to cope with anxiety. Here is a short video from TIME about the science behind breathing and the mind. If you want to be an extra credit student, you can read the whole article as well. View Video.

(P.S. Is our resident yogi, Melissa French, breathing or screaming? We’ll never tell!)

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